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Wishing You


Valentines Day Wishes

It’s the Festival of Lights today
It’s again the day of Diwali
It’s time to dress up folks
It’s time to adorn the thali

Diwali is delight
Diwali is delight
No dark night
Everywhere light
Things are bright
Diwalli is delight
Have sweet bite
Fireworks at height
Joyful sight
Diwali is delight
Bliss and peace
we should invite
On this lite diwali night
Let the glow be
bright and bright
Nothing dark should
be inside Let not
crackers show their might
Nor should smoke
reach new height
Let not pollution
sharply brite
Do what you can in
this fight Let's enjoy
the tasty diet But
for display it's only
light Diwali is delight
Diwali is delight

!! Happy DIWALI !!

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