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Wishing You


Valentines Day Wishes

On this beautiful festival
of vibrancy and colours
letโ€™s reiterate our
commitment to each other
by sharing all the
different shades of life,

Valentines Day WishesValentines Day Wishes
The trees smile with their
sprouto f tender leaves and
blooming flowers Eternal
nature with its transient
expression Hails spring
with ecstasy and joy
Bewildering shades with
so many tinge The land
of beauty and greatness
India, witnessing color
of happiness and peace
Nation come alive to
enjoy the spirit
A celebration of color
Holi An experience of
content harmony and
delight,Holika burns
amidst merriment and
mirth,Evil overpowered
by love and devotion
A festival to commemorate
Ras Lila an enduring love
saga of Radha and Krishna


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