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Valentines Day Wishes

May the dawn of this New Year, Fill your heart with new hopes, Opens up new horizons And bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows, Have a wonderful year ahead,

Valentines Day WishesValentines Day Wishes
Brush away old heartaches, Learn from our mistakes, Another year is finally over, A new dawn awakes, Let the old year out, Welcome the new one in, Bury the bad things of the past, As a new year now begins, Make your New Year wishes, As simple as you can, Pray for peace and love, Not for wealth or fame, Pray for health and happiness, Pray for your fellow man, Pray for all the ones you love, Pray for those who've lost their way, As the midnight hour chimes, We leave the old and embrace the new, I wish the things you wish for yourself, And may God’s love stay with you,


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